Event Series, 3 Editions

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Norwegian Presence returns in a radically updated format, tailored to our new reality. Having spent several months exploring potential new paradigms for Norway’s flagship international design show, organisers Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA) are unveiling their new vision for Norwegian Presence in 2021.

Beginning on 18 February, a series of three half-day online events will bring together the best Norwegian designers and manufacturers with leading international design thinkers to explore the ideas, values and aesthetic trends shaping design culture in Norway and beyond. Although each of the events will centre on a distinct theme, the overarching focus will be on the drive towards a circular-design economy, and the environmental and social sustainability inherent in Nordic design infrastructure.

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Hamran, Poppy Lawman, NCP, Volver, Sofie&Tiange and Vilde Hagelund
Poppy Lawman at our Event Series, Edition #1
NCP and Snøhetta in discussion at our Event Series, Edition #1
Vilde Hagelund, Philipp von Hase, Sofie&Tiange, Ali Gallefoss, Hydro, Gudrun
Ro chaise longue by Nils Stensrud
Hilde Kallevig of Hydro at our Event Series, Edition #1
S-1500 chair by NCP
Stick by Dybwad&Wyller
Thor-Anders Lundh at our Event Series, Edition #1
Panel discussion at our Event Series, Edition #1
Stripes and textures by Gudrun
Hylla by Sofie&Tiange
Stine Sofie of Sofie&Tiange at our Event Series, Edition #1
Jan Christian Vestre at our Event Series, Edition #1
Aluminium & Stone by Ali Gallefoss
Kanvas collection by Volver
Hans Petter Skjæran, NCP at our Event Series, Edition #1
Summary and debate hosted by William Knight from Design Dialogue UK
Bambi 56 lounge chair by Fjordfiesta
Mindtravel by Plesner Patterns