Roggbif stepladder and stool

Rather than starting with a shape or form, Studio Sløyd turned their usual process on its head for this project, experimenting their way to a new material. The Roggbif stepladder and stool’s innovative use of colour, along with overlapping shapes and joints, highlight the inherent qualities of the birch from which they are constructed. Made from through-coloured wood, the stepladder and stool will survive years and years of wear and tear – a more sustainable alternative to the industry standard of colouring wood with a vulnerable top layer. The multicoloured design reflects the name – ‘Roggbif’ is the Norwegian acronym for the colours of the rainbow.

Studio Sløyd

Herman Ødegaard (b. 1995) and Mikkel Jøraandstad (b. 1993) are the founders of Studio Sløyd. Ødegaard has his master’s degree from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, while Jøraandstad has a master’s degree from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. They started working together during their studies, designing and making objects as a way to learn about materials and crafts. Whether working commercially or exploratory, their focus is always on the materials.