Fiber Lines textiles

Fiber Lines consists of three handwoven textiles in yarns sourced and spun in Norway at Rauma Ullvarefabrikk and Telespinn. They appear different from each side, and can be used as blankets, room dividers, bedspreads or sound absorbing and heatinsulating wall decorations. The design is based on Ida Hagen’s interpretation of the traditional weaving technique ‘halvdreiel’, a simplified overshot pattern. The colours are inspired by the Northern Lights’ wavy movements across the sky, much like the gradient patterns in the textiles.

Ida Hagen

Oslo-based weaver, artist, and designer Ida Hagen (b. 1979) completed her textile studies at Capellagården in Sweden in 2022. Her work is the result of exploration and experiments with materials, colours, volume, and textures. In her practice she juggles between art and utility items, mastering everything from weaving and knitting to spinning, felting, and sewing. She also works sculpturally, in large and small scales. Her work has been exhibited in Norway, Sweden, and South Korea.