Sinus 18

Material(s): Raw aluminium

The Sinus 18 bench is an exploration of how standardised materials, in this case corrugated aluminium sheets, can be used in alternative ways. The construction is strong, yet physically and visually light, made in close collaboration with local roof contractors. To keep a sense of familiarity, the surface is left unaltered, celebrating production marks as unique embellishments. The idea behind Sinus 18 was to create a piece of furniture that could be manufactured locally and on demand, whilst keeping the precision and consistency of large-scale industrial processing.

Brave New Lines

Brave New Lines was founded by Gunnar Eidsvik Tvedt (b. 1990) and Marius Angell Søvik (b. 1990) in 2018 after completing their master’s degree in industrial design at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Driven by a desire to reduce complexity and discover the obvious, the studio aspires to create expressive, pragmatic objects with a clear-cut intent, rooted in local production and skilled trades. In 2019 Eidsvik Tvedt received the ‘DOGA Award for Newcomers’ for his master’s thesis, a baby bouncer developed with Stokke.