Polyp (1–14)

Material(s): Lacquered pine

Polyp (1–14) consists of 14 large hooks in pine and lacquer. Each object is an improvisation over scrap material from Ødegaard’s own furniture production. By using residual cuts and negative forms from a previously made series of stools, his waste production is close to zero. In addition to their decorative qualities, the hooks can be used to hang clothes or other objects. 

Henrik Ødegaard

Oslo-based Henrik Ødegaard (b. 1982) studied graphic design at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, and architecture at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, before founding his own practice in 2016. He currently co-runs the exhibition space Pyton in Oslo. Ødegaard’s works have been exhibited at the New York Design Week and at the 2019 edition of Norwegian Presence in Milan.