Nedre Foss

Matter by Norwegian Presence marks the world launch of Nedre Foss. In the exhibition, visitors get to experience the essence of the brand: Each product is made of one single material, emphasising both the material and the product’s aesthetic life. Nedre Foss produces its collection in natural materials such as waxed solid wood, oil-seasoned cast iron, glass, bronze and brass, with open surfaces that are patinated over time, ageing with dignity.


Plate in porcelain by Carina Seth Andersson (2022)


Candlestick in cast iron by Anderssen & Voll (2015)


Tray in ceramics by LucidiPevere (2022)


Vase in pressed glass by Anderssen & Voll (2019)


Bowl in ash by Anderssen & Voll (2021)


Candelabra in cast iron by Anderssen & Voll (2020)


Candle snuffer in cast brass by Mika & Julie Tolvanen (2022)


Jug in glass designed by Jin Kuramoto (2019)

Nedre Foss

Nedre Foss is a Norwegian brand of sustainable homeware objects rooted in Scandinavian design traditions. The company was founded by the internationally renowned design studio Anderssen & Voll in 2015 as an outlet for experimentation. Dedicating each object to one natural material, always choosing materials that age well, Nedre Foss is rooted in the idea of the Century Object; objects that will serve for generations, where sculptural qualities and utility aspects play equal parts. Since 2018, international designers such as Sigve Knutson, Jin Kuramoto, LucidiPevere, Carina Seth Andersson and Studio Tolvanen have contributed to interpreting and communicating the idea of Nedre Foss through solid, timeless objects.

Oslo-based design studio Anderssen & Voll was founded in 2009 by Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll. Working with brands such as Muuto, &Tradition, Menu and Kvadrat, the studio has been a solid contributor to the new wave of Danish design though, ironically, Norwegians themselves. Anderssen & Voll also collaborates with leading brands in Europe, Japan and North America.