Minus Chair

Material(s): Pine 

Minus Chair, designed by Norwegian duo Jenkins&Uhnger, marks the first step of the ambition to make the world’s first carbon negative furniture series. Depending on the volume, the chair has the ability to store more carbon than it emits and add more energy than it uses during production. The production process involves conscious logging techniques, zero emission transport and a factory with its own micro hydro power plant. Minus Chair is 100 per cent degradable, 100 per cent transparent and repairable. In order to deliver on its carbon negative promise, sales areas are exclusive – this chair will not travel far from its production place.


Newly launched manufacturer Minus wants to change the way furniture is designed and produced. Believing in super compact value chains as a new standard for biodiversity and greenhouse gases, the founders quit their jobs in Oslo and relocated to Bjørnafjorden on Norway’s west coast to realise their ambition; to make the world’s best environmental accounting. Centred around an old butter factory, the company is committed to transparency as a safeguard for healthy production, with open-source development as a gateway into crucial dilemmas and challenges. The mission is to make honest furniture.