Collective Division

Material(s): Steel pipes, plaster, grey board, natural resins

Collective Division is a reinterpreted room divider made of discarded city bus handrails. The repurposed steel pipes make the constructive frame, which is filled with abstract grid-like shapes made with strips of grey board and covered with several layers of plaster, wood glue and natural resins. The shapes are created intuitively by connecting one strip to another. By taking everyday objects out of context, reworking them in combination with other materials, Collective Division explores how our surroundings can affect our lives and mental state.

Nebil Zaman

With a background in advertising, crafts and design, Oslo-based Nebil Zaman (b. 1985) explores how our surroundings affect us socially and culturally through furniture and objects. His interest in materials, production techniques and visual languages shines through in his work, exploring topics such as function, form, identity and visual culture. Zaman won the ‘DOGA Award for Newcomers’ in 2017, and his project ‘Personal Space’ was acquired by Norway’s National Museum in 2019.

Photo by Even Lundefaret