Body and Constructed Element II


Material(s): Stoneware, earthenware, wax

Constructed Element II

Material(s): Glazed stoneware

Objects Body and Constructed Element II are unique reflections on details in our built environment. Sculpting in clay, Persson explores what her chosen observations have to say about our ideals and norms. The I-beam, or H-beam, in steel, has an almost iconic shape – a symbol of industry and functionalism, construction and strength. In Persson’s hands the beam is soft, and a tension arises between the hard form and the body-like materiality.

Julia K. Persson

Swedish ceramic artist Julia K. Persson (b. 1992) has a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Lund School of Architecture, currently completing her master’s degree in fine arts at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. In her work she explores the relation between our bodies, thoughts, and surroundings, looking at how we perceive and value objects and spaces in our built environments. Persson was nominated ‘Newcomer of the Year’ in Norway’s Bo Bedre Design Awards 2021.

Photo by Jakub Baloun