After last year’s digital event, Norway’s international design show is back in Milan for 2022. Invited by Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA), a hand-selected cohort of the nation’s leading designers, makers and manufacturers will take their places at the exhibition’s new home in the heart of Brera, from the 7th—12th of June 2022.

Every year, since 2015, Norwegian Presence has shone a spotlight on the creativity, innovation and material understanding that defines modern Norwegian design. This year, the exhibition is returning to Milan with a refreshed and revitalised vision. 

Norwegian Presence 2022 will take place beneath the spectacular mural ceiling of Galleria Milano in Brera – putting Norway right at the epicentre of Milan Design Week. Curated and designed by revered stylist duo Kråkvik&D’Orazio, the exhibition will focus on the relationship between landscape and material, and explore the ways in which Norway’s distinctive topography and abundant natural resources have shaped its design identity.

Key collaborators:

Role Name/Link
Photography Sara Angelica Spilling
Curating & Exhibition Design Kråkvik&D’Orazio
Packshots Signe Luksengard
Graphic Design Bielke&Yang
Website Værsågod