NOK and Under

For Norwegian Presence 2021, Hamran presents two series of crafted furniture made by locally sourced solid oak from southern Norway. The modular kitchen NOK developed and designed by Hamran includes a worktop in Lundhs Real Stone. Modules are designed with minimal materials, creating a light and airy impression. To encourage flexibility and long-term use, the modules can be moved, replaced or remodelled into benches, bookshelves or other tailor-made furniture. Designed in collaboration with Snøhetta, the Under furniture collection has been created for the Under restaurant, five and a half metres below the ocean surface at the southernmost point of the Norwegian coastline.


Established in 1930, the carpentry workshop Hamran is a family business that designs and builds bespoke interior and kitchen solutions in close collaboration with clients of all sizes. All products are made in Norway, fusing material knowledge, durable design and craftsmanship with modern engineering.