Lundhs Real Stone – natural stone from Norway

Bringing surfaces to life, Lundhs Real Stone materials combine exceptional practical properties with unique aesthetics to create distinctive visual statements. Crafted by nature millions of years ago, each piece of stone is a one-off and reflects the various shapes, colours and formations of Norway’s natural landscape. Norwegian Presence 2021 showcases Lundhs Real Stone through a new tile collection and four designer collaborations. Designed by Dybwad&Wyller, Stick is a coffee table with a light aluminium frame and a Lundhs Antique and a Lundhs Emerald top. Aluminium & Stone, by Ali Gallefoss, is an experimental piece that fuses aluminium with surplus stone from Lundhs quarry. NOK is an oak kitchen module by carpentry workshop Hamran with Lundhs Emerald worktops. The 2021 event also offers an exclusive preview of prototypes of Philipp von Hase’s new wooden Circus and Cabaret tables with an integrated Lundhs Antique plate in the centre. 

Hamran, NOK modular kitchen worktops
Dybwad&Wyller, Stick
Philipp von Hase, Circus and Cabaret


Norwegian quarrying company Lundhs is the largest producer of natural stone in Northern Europe and has spent over 100 years sourcing and supplying Norway’s unique larvikite stone. The quarries are managed following strict environmental requirements. Lundhs aims to minimise emissions from machines and transport, reuse water and utilise 100% of stone obtained from quarry production. Besides providing raw stone to global factories for worktops, tiles and cladding under the brand Lundhs Real Stone, Lundhs support and collaborates with designers and artists to discover and promote innovative applications for natural stone.