Kvitre (which means ‘chirp’ in Norwegian) is a minimalist easy chair with a name inspired by its two birdlike legs. The chair is designed with obsolescence in mind, with a strong and sturdy frame and parts that can be replaced if subjected to wear and tear. Kvitre can be used both indoors and outdoors, and changing the fabric seat is easy, allowing it to be updated as the user requires. The chair has a powder-coated steel frame in black or cream, and the seat and backrest are available in five different variations: Norwegian produced black and vegetable-tanned leather, black linen canvas, natural linen canvas and unbleached cotton canvas.

Tobias Berg

Tobias Berg aims to develop products that please the eye and are a delight to use. With every project, he strives to ensure long-term use and wants the products to last forever, both in style and durability. He favours the use of natural materials, as their unique looks, textures, imperfections and smells add to the design and give each product a distinctive character. For Berg, a good product demonstrates harmony between materials, form and function, as well as a thought-through product life, from the point of production to its ultimate end.