Kanvas, Stones and Fields & Forests

Showcasing at Norwegian Presence, Volver presents three artistic handmade rug collections in natural materials, made in collaboration with prominent Norwegian creatives. The Kanvas collection by Kristine Bjaadal consists of three rug designs, based on the designer’s watercolour and ink drawings. The rugs are hand-tufted both in natural undyed wool and colourful silky tencel. The two rug designs for the Stones collection by Kaja Dahl draw inspiration from her work with stone sculptures and the contrasts between the rough natural stone and a smooth finish of a crafted stone. The designer uses only natural wool and the 3D carving of the rug surface to obtain the desired motifs. Fields & Forests flatweave collection is based on full-size paintings by the prominent Norwegian artist Andreas Siqueland. The designs explore the relationship between natural elements and modern living conditions. For Volver, it has been an exciting challenge to transfer the rich colour palette of the actual paintings into a more restrained weave without losing the picturesque quality of Andreas’s artwork. All rugs by Volver may be hung up on walls as textile paintings or laid flat on the floor.


Volver is a design studio and rug manufacturer, founded and managed by designer Ksenia Stanishevski. Volver’s mission is to enrich Scandinavian design with a diversity of individual artistic expressions. The studio collaborates with prominent Norwegian designers, artists and architects on its collections, as well as creating bespoke rugs for private and public spaces. All Volver’s products are handmade in India and China from natural materials, fusing modern Nordic design and traditional craftsmanship.

Photo: Ksenia Stanishevski, Founder and Head Designer, Volver