Hylla and Leaf

Leaf is an aluminium floor lamp with two indirect LED lights, providing a friendly and atmospheric radiance. Inspired by the shapes of leaves, each lampshade is fully adjustable so the light can be orientated in any desired direction. First showcased at Norwegian Presence in 2020 as two table lamps, Sofie & Tiange have evolved the Leaf design into a floor lamp for the 2021 event. This development helps demonstrate Leaf's potential – the same lamp can follow the owner throughout their life, adapting to their different needs: as a pendant, table or a floor lamp.

Hylla – Norwegian for ‘shelf’ – is a free-standing storage module made of aluminium and ash. The design is rooted in Asian wood-jointing techniques and simple Scandinavian aesthetics, resulting in a shelf that can be mounted without using nails or screws. Hylla can be expanded with different shelf configurations, functions and colours to suit various needs and stages of the owner’s life, encouraging long-term use. Initially created for the 2020 exhibition, Hylla has been revisited for the 2021 edition, introducing a new display to showcase magazines and books. 

Leaf and Hylla are made with endlessly recyclable aluminium, in collaboration with the producer Hydro, and both products are powder-coated by Jotun. To ensure a circular lifespan, Hylla and Leaf both have deposit marks, which enable owners to easily replace individual components and obtain discounts on new ones should something become damaged or worn, or should they want to introduce other features or colours. The shop and an online service sell, repair and recycle the used parts.


Oslo-based studio Sofie & Tiange was founded in 2019 by Stine Sofie Fevang Skinlo from Tønsberg, Norway, and Tiange Wang from Yantai, China. Both studied at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, and together they design everyday objects, furniture and lighting, inspired by the contrasts of their different cultural backgrounds. Their goal is to create intuitive products that arouse curiosity, and which users want to keep throughout their lives.