Circus, Cabaret and Una

Exclusively for Norwegian Presence 2021, Philipp von Hase presents Circus and Cabaret, a prototype family of round and oval tables made from maple and oak with an integrated Lundhs Antique stone plate in the centre of each. The embedded plates can be spun to easily move things on the table. Formed using a traditional steam-bending technique, legs are made of wood from Norway's western coast. More commonly used for building boats and instruments, the steam-bending method softens the wood’s cellulose fibres and allows the wood to be manipulated and left to solidify in a desired shape. Using the same technique, Philipp von Hase also presents Una, a series of wooden picture frames, each made from a single piece of wood, a sheet of glass and a board with an open top, which allows the contents to be changed easily.

Philipp von Hase

Philipp von Hase studied furniture making in his hometown of Hanover, Germany. Today he lives and works in Bergen and holds a master’s degree in furniture design from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design. He has built classic Danish design furniture in Copenhagen and taught traditional furniture making in São Paulo, but lately, his focus has been on his own design practice and small-scale furniture production. As a designer and craftsman, he is dedicated to the sustainable use of materials and works mainly with wood, exploring its material properties and possibilities for reuse.