Circular design vs mass production

Norway’s leading brands are already ahead of the curve when it comes to closed-loop production methods, sustainable material resourcing and socially beneficial business models. This event brings individual designers together with major industrial producers to explore how the principles of sustainability and a culturally inherent appreciation of landscape and the environment characterise Norwegian making from micro to macro scales.

NCP, Lundhs, Sofie&Tiange, Poppy Lawman and Hydro.

Guest Speakers:
Snøhetta and Vestre

Introduction to Norwegian Presence Event Series, Edition #1
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Participants included, furniture producer NCP, producer of the Snøhetta S-1500 chair, made from recycling plastic waste from the local fishing industry; Lundhs, the largest producer of natural stone in Northern Europe; Sofie&Tiange, who design everyday objects, inspired by the diversity of their different cultural backgrounds; Poppy Lawman, designer of the Papir Stein chair made from Norwegian spruce pulp at the 122-year-old paper mill Hellefoss; and recyclable- aluminium pioneer Hydro.

Lundhs discuss...

Table Talks

The exhibitor presentations were followed by a discussion between; Sofie&Tiange, Poppy Lawman and Hydro. Moderated by Benedicte Sunde. 

Discussion between Sofie, Poppy and Hydro

NCP and Snøhetta in Discussion

Hans-Petter Skjæran from NCP and Stian Alessandro Ekkernes Rossi from Snøhetta will tell Benedicte Sunde the behind-the-scenes story of their recent collaboration. A major research project exploring the use of plastic led to the redesign of the S-1500 chair, a product made from 100% recycled plastic waste from the local fish farming industry in Northern Norway. 

NCP and Snøhetta in discussion at our Event Series, Edition #1

​Jan Christian Vestre in conversation with Benedicte Sunde

The family-run company Vestre is a leading Norwegian manufacturer of urban outdoor furniture, currently building The Plus, the world's most environmentally friendly furniture factory just outside Oslo, due to open later this year. Committed to social responsibility, Vestre has ensured sustainability is a requirement in every aspect of their business.


Design Dialogues UK, Live Discussion

These discussions were then followed by a live discussion between the designers and viewers of the event, hosted by Design Dialogues UK.

Summary and debate hosted by William Knight from Design Dialogue UK

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