Korpus and Furublokk

Korpus is a wall-mounted shelf crafted from a single sheet of recycled aluminium. The metal is laser cut and hammered to shape by hand, leaving visible traces of the manual process. The construction requires no welding, making Korpus a production-friendly and 100% recyclable product. Furublokk, a family of side tables in solid pine wood and linseed oil, have a hollow block-like design, hence the name. An opening in the upper surface makes the objects a cross between a table, a storage space, a display unit and a sculpture. The design also gives the inexpensive and widespread Norwegian pine an unexpected finish that is usually reserved for more exclusive types of wood.  

Andreas Bergsaker

Andreas Ferdinand Riise Bergsaker, originally from Oslo, lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. He completed a master’s in Product Design at the Oslo and Akershus University College in 2015. His practice focuses on high-quality everyday objects rooted in traditional crafts and tactility. Bergsaker’s works have previously been exhibited in London, Milan, New York, Oslo and Stockholm.