Volume Vases

Volume Vases is a series of three blown-glass vessels of different size, colour and proportion. The vases are functional objects, each consisting of two open integrated cylinders. Independent of each other, the outer and inner cylindrical volumes allow for a combination of live and dried plants or flowers, with or without liquid. Decorative in itself, the outer and inner glass forms overlap to create a deeper hue, resulting in a vibrant and colorful expression.

Erik Wester

Erik Wester was born in Lofoten, raised in Trondheim, and now lives and works in Oslo. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Product and Furniture Design from Kingston University London, and has practised with Joris Laarman in Amsterdam and Andreas Engesvik, Oslo. Today, Wester runs his own studio, designing for manufacturers such as Tonning & Stryn and Skagerak. His work has been exhibited both home and abroad with shows in Milan, Tokyo, London, Eindhoven, Copenhagen and Stockholm.