To is an abstract interpretation of a chair, inspired by the exhibition title JOIN. Using pigmented aerated concrete, HR foam and 100% cotton, the designers explore how contrasting elements can merge to form a new conceptual hole that blurs the boundaries between art, crafts and design. Building on the circle shape, the materials’ various characteristics are utilised and emphasised. Also on display are textiles decorated by hand using monotype, made using surplus fabric and colours from he designers’ previous productions.

Mijo Studio

Mijo Studio was established in 2015 and consists of Miranda Tengs Brun and Josefine Gilbert, a Norwegian-Danish designer duo with textiles and analogue printing techniques as their speciality. Both studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Design in Copenhagen, and their collaboration is characterised byan experimental approach rooted in large abstract patterns. Based in Copenhagen for the last four years, their studio is now expanding to Stavanger.