Tango consists of two side tables in glass, wood and aluminium assembled with glue. The objects facilitate interesting meeting points between different materials, appearing as building blocks with hidden hinges. Kim Thomé has previously worked with glass and glue, and with Tango he introduces new materials to this study. The side tables reference building materials in modern skyscrapers, and are inspired by the use of glass in architecture. The materials are recyclable and the objects can easily be disassembled and repaired.

Originally from Bærum in Oslo, Kim Thomé has worked and studied in London since 2006. Trained at the Royal College of Art, he is engaged in a wide range of projects, including product development for manufacturers to major architectural installations. His work is a balance between object and installation, blending a mixture of graphic elements and optical play in materials and spaces. Recently, Thomé has worked on commissions with Wallpaper*, Bloomberg, and Swarovski at the Victoria & Albert Museum.