Spenn is a table lamp made from form-pressed oak veneer and brass, with a focused, downward-facing light. The lamp marks its designers’ attempt to capture a moment of tension between two points, and the object’s sculptural expression resembles a tensed arc. The look of the lamp is clean and minimalistic, with the wood as a soft and tactile counterweight. The use of natural materials gives Spenn durability, and the design itself reduces the amount of surplus material as most of the wood is used in the pressing.

Image by Noidoi


Noidoi was founded in 2013 by Kathrine Lønstad and Cosmin Cioroiu, who met while studying at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Inspired by the differing cultural and professional backgrounds of its founders (Lønstad is Norwegian and orientated towards craft; Cioroiu is Romanian and rooted in industrial design), Noidoi works across a broad spectrum of product design, placing an emphasis on usability, materiality and craftsmanship. One of the studio’s core aims is to increase the longevity of objects by inspiring a sense of personal attachment in the user. In 2014, Noidoi’s rehabilitation mat WalkON was awarded first prize by the Norwegian Design Council in the Young Talent category. Today, they collaborate with international firms, creating products for the likes of Skagerak, Menu and Northern.