Join Me

Join Me is a kitchen table made of linoleum and wood treated with linseed oil. The name plays on the exhibition title JOIN, describing a social and inviting act. A new take on the small, casual kitchen table, it fits two people perfectly but can also be expanded and adapted to accommodate larger groups. When the table is extended the base remains static, and the added overhang provides plenty of room for more people. The rounded tabletop allows the number of people sitting on each side to remain flexible.

Originally from Sykkylven, and now living in Ål, Marte Frøystad has a master's degree from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, and for several years she ran her own studio in parallel with the joint project Frøystad+Klock, a collaboration with designer Runa Klock. In 2015, together with two architects and an interior designer, she founded the architectural studio Arkitekthagen. Today, Frøystad works mainly with architecture, furniture and objects, with a particular passion for pure materials and simple features.