UN Divided System

Jonas Stokke, Øystein Austad

Based on a simple steel trestle unit with a moving joint, UN Divided can be used to build tables, desks and shelving of almost any size and layout – and can be adapted easily as needs change. 


Established in 2012, Elementa is a Norwegian maker of furniture for the workplace that collaborates with designers, artists and scientists to explore new directions in the Scandinavian design tradition. The company’s work is under-pinned by a single simple but far-reaching insight: ‘We don't have to relate to work, design, production and cash in the same way that previous generations have done.’

The company was founded as a reaction against the prevailing conventions and thinking surrounding design in office spaces, and is on a mission to re-evaluate the modern concept of the ‘workday’. Over the last few years, Elementa has furnished many of Norway’s most creative workspaces, including the Research Council, the Cultural Council, the Ministry of Education and Statistics Norway (SSB).