Sample & Hold

Pigao’s installation Sample & Hold features two 1.5x2.5m textiles and is the result of a collaboration with the electronics developer Henrik Waarum. By incorporating copper wires as warp and weft fibres into loom-woven cotton fabric, Pigao has transformed a woven surface into a musical instrument inspired by the theremin. The textile surfaces generate sound in response to touch, creating higher tones the more people interact with the material, and turning the viewer into both audience and composer.

Pearla Pigao

Born in the small coastal town of Lillesand in southern Norway, now based in Oslo, Pearla Pigao holds BA and MA degrees from Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Drawing on her background in both music and textile art, her work explores the relationship between sound and material, drawing on the commonalities between weaving and musical composition to create digitally hand-woven textiles that create visual, tactile experiences of sound structures.  

Pigao’s interactive installations have earned her a number of scholarships and awards, including the Norwegian Artisans’ Student Prize and the Arts and Crafts Prize from the Fund for Art and Design Students, and she has exhibited both in Oslo, and at the 2015 exhibition Neu Now in Amsterdam.