Shelf Tower No.3 and Wood Clay Chair No.3

Both pieces Knutson is showing at Norwegian Presence are hand-made sculptural objects intended to showcase the inherent properties of their materials and hark back to humanity’s earliest relationships with materials and making. Made from spruce, Shelf Tower No.3 is both recognisable and functional as sculpture and shelving unit, whereas Wood Clay Chair No.3 conjures a serviceable seat from a mixture of PVA glue, wood shavings and dust.

Sigve Knutson

An experimental designer based in Oslo, Sigve Knutson graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven with an MA in Contextual Design in 2016. Since then, he has exhibited widely in Europe, the United States and the Middle East, presenting objects and sculptural work that take their inspiration from the intuitive process of freehand drawing, rather than the rigid planning and smooth-edged finishes associated with design. His Drawn Objects exhibition debuted in Milan 2017 and has since travelled to Beirut and Oslo.

As a result of Knutson’s approach, his work typically has a playful and spontaneous quality, taking forms governed equally by the properties and behaviour of the material and the conscious or unconscious impulses of its maker.