Designed to enhance modern shared spaces, Redirect is a series of versatile panels that can serve as both sound absorbers and room dividers, creating distinct zones in contemporary workspaces. Made from lacquered steel frame upholstered with coloured textiles, each element can be either wall-mounted or freestanding, with adjustable frames
that allow them to be adapted however the space requires.

Vera & Kyte

Based in Bergen on Norway’s west coast, Vera & Kyte comprises Vera Kleppe and Åshild Kyte, who established their harbour-front design studio in 2012, soon after graduating from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design. Since then, their work has been shown, and acclaimed, internationally, earning them a host of design aaards and nominations. Working across the fields of product, furniture, interior and graphic design, the pair’s practice is characterised by an analytical approach, a love of experimentation and a shared enthusiasm for exploring new materials, methods and aesthetics. Inspired and driven by curiosity, Vera & Kyte produce products and pieces that engage, excite and surprise.