Levels of Attachment & Belonging

A series of sculptural vessels in ceramic, Levels of Attachment & Belonging explores the sometimes uncomfortable process of adaptation, and the compromises enforced by the compulsion to ‘fit in’. The vases are defined by the interior architecture of the gallery in which they are displayed, shaped or deformed by the edges, contours and furniture against which they are placed. Some retain their function as vases; others have been rendered useless by the brutal attempt to force them into the space.

Lillian Tørlen

Oslo-based visual artist Lillian Tørlen makes site-specific works and installations that encourage people to stop and re-evaluate their surroundings — sometimes through subtle interventions in the space; at other times, with striking contrasts and juxtapositions. Born in Ålesund, Tørlen holds an MA from Oslo National Academy of the Arts and a BA from Central St Martins, London. She has exhibited throughout Europe.