Hans Brattrud

The designer Hans Brattrud, known for his Scandia chair design, created the tubular steel Grorudstolen (or ‘Model 58’) for use in cafés and kitchens in 1958. Named after Grorud, the Oslo suburb in which it was manufactured, the chair was only sold for a few years before production ceased. Not long before he died in 2017, Brattrud approved a request to put Grorudstolen back into production, and Objekt is proud to relaunch a lost design classic, 60 years after its first release.


Launching at Norwegian Presence, Objekt is a new Norwegian design brand specialising in the creation of good-quality, functional and honest products for the home and the workplace. Based in Oslo, Objekt works closely with both Norwegian and international designers, connecting them with manufacturers to produce exceptional collections of ‘everyday objects for everyday use’.