About Norwegian Presence

Norway has always been a nation of makers. Wool and wood, stone and steel—the country is blessed with an abundance with the raw materials of creation, while Norwegian culture has evolved in the spirit of community and collaboration. As a result, modern Norway is a place of design without ego, where boundaries are pushed and possibilities explored with a shared spirit of curiosity, in the hope of creating something beautiful, functional and lasting.

The three institutions behind Norwegian Presence exemplify the philosophy of fellesskap; not only in the collaborative nature of this exhibition, but also in their individual missions. Klubben is Norway’s fellowship of designers – a mutually supportive union of emerging and established talents that creates opportunity and nurtures interdisciplinary collaboration among its international membership. Norwegian Crafts plays a similar role for the nation’s craft artists, fostering a creative network of makers in which new ideas and approaches can blossom and thrive. Meanwhile, from its base in Oslo, Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA), explores and promotes the ways in which architecture and design can be harnessed to the benefit of society as a whole.