The Bollard Carpet

The Bollard Carpet is the result of a collaboration between Aas and Zhang, both of whom live and work in Bergen, a city coloured and characterised by its longstanding marine industry. The pair embarked on an exploration of rope – a typically maritime material. Inspired by the way rope is wound around bollards in Bergen harbour, the handmade carpet makes use of layering to create three-dimensional effects that allow it to be used in different ways. The raised section can function as a headrest, a low stool, or even as terrain for children’s play. The rope itself is made with yarn sourced from the Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk wool mill and turned by the rope makers of Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter – the only place in Norway where the country’s rope-making tradition survives today.

Stine Aas & Cecilia Zhang

With a master’s in spatial and furniture design from Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Stine Aas creates products and furniture that blend character and simplicity. Her work is inspired by the everyday interactions between people and the objects around them, and she typically combines the visual, the tactile and the functional in her design. Aas has exhibited in Bergen, Stockholm, Helsinki, London, Milan, New York and Los Angeles, and was named Newcomer of the Year at Raff Design Week 2015.

Born in Beijing, educated in Gothenburg and now based in Bergen, Cecilia Xinyu Zhang brings a multicultural perspective to product design, spatial design, digital interaction and art. Her practice is characterised by the intersection of the physical and the digital realms, as well as an emphasis on the experimental elements of the design process. Zhang’s work has been exhibited in Milan, London, Oslo and Gothenburg, and she was a recipient of the Rising Star award at the 2016 Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair’s Greenhouse section, winning as Studio Bey, her partnership with Swedish designer Sigrid Hägg. Zhang and Aas are both supported by the Bergen Design Incubator programme.