Their collaboration began with the modular table As Long As You Like, and was followed with Moment, a glass coffee and tea set for Wallpaper Handmade* 2016. For Everything Is Connected, they have created Tangent, a series of lamps with an LED strip light tangentially fixed to a pedestal, enabling them to be positioned to create whatever functional or aesthetic lighting effect is desired.


Sverre Uhnger is a lifelong craftsman educated in design at Aalto University and Bergen National Academy of Art and Design. He focuses on creating products that feel natural to the user and which emphasise the inherent qualities of their materials and production techniques. He co-founded Norwegian designers’ organisation Klubben with Sara Polmer and Victoria Günzler in 2011, and has designed pieces for the like of Mitab, Brdr Krüger, Magnor and others.

British designer Thomas Jenkins worked in a number of leading design companies before founding his own studio in Oslo in 2010. He currently divides his time between his own studio and the branding agency
WORK, and is chairman of the board at Klubben. Jenkins’ interest in manufacturing and materials, together with his traditional craft skills have led him to create furniture and objects designed for human interaction.