Super Normal

Olsen’s devotion to visual simplicity and product longevity is evident in Super Normal, her prototype sustainable furniture system in solid oak and burnished steel. Designed for flat-pack distribution and tool-free assembly, the collection includes a chair, dresser and table unit coloured black with linseed oil. Constructed from materials selected for durability and ease of repair, each piece exhibits an archetypal shape, intended to ensure a long lifespan, unaffected by changing style and material trends. The pieces are also highly adaptable; the chair has an adjustable backrest; and the dresser and table can easily have drawers added or removed, allowing them to shift in function between storage and display.

Live Berg Olsen

After several years living and working in Copenhagen, Live Berg Olsen has returned to Oslo, where she pursues her own product-design practice alongside her work as an interior designer and stylist for Josefin Johansson Studio. She holds a master’s in industrial design from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, and holds a profound interest in minimalist aesthetics and sustainable production.