Norwegian Notes

ln late 2016, Dahl spent 40 days in Cape Town, where she conducted research into scent and created a limited edition of perfumes. This year, she has worked with a perfumer in Norway to channel her expertise into Norwegian Notes, a series of fragranced objects that can function both as sensory sculptures for the home and vessels for expressing scent in retail settings. Encompassing hanging diffusers, tabletop sculptures and tester bottles, the collection uses scent-infused cast wax to convey the aromas of the Norway’s natural landscape, including rose root, pinewood and juniper berry.

Kaja Dahl

With a master’s in design for luxury and craftsmanship from ECAL, Switzerland and a bachelor’s degree in product and interior design from Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm, Norwegian-born Kaja Dahl now operates her studio, Atelier Kaja Dahl, in Oslo. Her work ranges from industrial furniture to conceptual sculpture, often blending historical references, craft processes and contemporary techniques.