Their contribution to Everything is Connected represents an attempt to expand their practice by transforming their usually two-dimensional drawing into three-dimensional artwork. Nomad is a series of objects that explore the concepts of ownership and personal belongings as changes in urban living spaces make our lives increasingly less rooted. Using different materials and considering different functions, from the domestic to the artistic, Nomad is an investigation into the ability of objects to convey a sense of home, wherever their owner might travel.


Based in London, Gilles & Cecilie comprises the French/Norwegian duo of Gilles Jourdan and Cecilie Barstad, who met while studying graphic design at Central Saint Martins. Having founded their studio in 2006, the pair has gone on to create art and illustration for international clients including Nissan, Diet Pepsi, the Guardian, The Royal Mint, Le Monde, Paul Smith, Moleskine, Eurostar, AOL, Thomas Tallis School, Oslo Design Fair and 100% Norway 2016. Working across the borders of illustration, design, architecture and fashion, Gilles & Cecilie are on a mission to bring colour and positivity to the world around them.