Made from laser-cut aluminium and then polished by hand, Kana is a versatile graphic side table with a shape that references the characters of Japanese script. The table’s supporting structure continues into a handle, making Kana easy to move around and helping it function either as a standalone piece or alongside other furniture.

Martin Høgh Olsen

Copenhagen-born Martin Høgh Olsen studied product design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts but has spent most of his life in Norway. Having worked as a freelance designer since 2012, he launched the design brand Høgh in August 2016. The label aims to produce and market both Olsen’s own designs and those of other Norwegian architects and designers, connected by clear composition, functional form, high-grade materials and skilled craftsmanship. Alongside Høgh, Olsen frequently designs for Northern Lighting, has recently been working in collaboration with fashion designer Admir Batlak, and teaches product design at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, where he is based.