Jotun worked closely with the curator and the exhibition designers to determine the colour scheme for Everything is Connected in 2017. 

Jotun 10981 Norwegian Wood  A new brown nuance with reddish undertones and a unique warmth. 

Jotun 5452 Nordic Breeze A perfect, light grey-blue with a toned-down touch that creates a soothing and cool atmosphere.

Jotun 4785 Blue River A deep, elegant and comfortable blue that flows perfectly with a variety of other colours.

Jotun is a Norwegian paint manufacturer, established in 1926, with main office in Sandefjord. It owns 64 companies in 45 countries. It has factories in 40 countries and representatives in over 100. 

Jotun was a essential collaborative partner for the Norwegian exhibition in 2015, 2016 and 2017.