After participating in Norway’s Structure exhibition in Milan 2017, Einarsen returns with Fam, a series of five handmade slip cast porcelain vases in different shapes and colours. With each having the same dimensions at the top and bottom, the vases are able to be stacked to resemble totem poles, thus transforming a collection of practical items into a sculptural installation.

Ann Kristin Einarsen

The view from Ann Kristin Einarsen’s childhood home in Narvik, northern Norway, sparked a lifelong fascination with natural materials. After training in woodcarving, boatbuilding and other woodwork, she found that her passion for handicrafts was fulfilled in ceramics, and undertook an MA in ceramic art at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Today, she is based in Oslo, where she enjoys exploring the potential of stoneware and other ceramic materials to create sculpture, installations, wall-pieces and functional objects.