Core Combination

Each summer for the last three years, she has lived and worked in different areas in Norway: Kautokeino in the far north, Halsnøy on the west coast, and Vestfold in the south. The three pieces she is exhibiting at Everything is Connected – Strange Fruit, Queen of Reindeer and The Snake – are each constructed from materials sourced on her travels, including moose bone, reindeer horn, peach stone and slate, as well as gold-plated brass.

Andrea Muribø

Trained at material-based arts at Oslo National
Academy of Arts and now based at a studio in the city, Andrea Muribø specialises in using and combining organic materials to create unique pieces of jewellery, with roots in the natural world and Norwegian culture. Interested in the transformation between the degradable into the permanent, the cycle of the seasons, and in the tactile, visual and emotional effects of material juxtaposition, Muribø makes pieces with a clear connection to the Norwegian landscape.