Barmen & Brekke

After a successful exhibition at Structure last year, Barmen & Brekke return to Milan with Make, a series of vessels that combine wheel thrown clay with turned Norwegian wood sourced from the west coast where they live and work. The name comes from a Norwegian word used to describe the way two similar things fit together.


Barmen & Brekke is a collaboration between Per Tore Barmen and Siri Brekke, founded on a mutual interest in traditional techniques, crafts and materials, and a shared heritage of arts and craft in their family backgrounds. Barmen is a professional woodcarver and digital modeller; Brekke is a ceramicist with an educational background in folk art and product design who has been running her own studio and exhibiting for more than 10 years. Together, they explore the possibilities of using wood and ceramic materials to create new combinations and interactions, and to explore the transformations of nature.