Allen Wood

Stemming from a love of wooden bowls from all cultures and eras, Allen Wood is an extension of the wooden platter collection that Nesdal brought to Milan in 2016. Working with a local wood turner, she has created a series of five bowls of different sizes, each presenting a modern design aesthetic that references Nesdal’s influences from Finland and Japan, expressed through traditional Norwegian craftsmanship.

Silje Nesdal

Silje Nesdal is an Oslo-based designer who grew up among the fjords of western Norway, a region known for its long traditions in the wool, woodwork and furniture industries. She holds an MA in furniture design and interior architecture from Bergen Academy of Arts and Design and Alvar Aalto University in Helsinki, and has spent time in Japan working in both fashion design and architecture. Nesdal’s practice is influenced by her diverse, interdisciplinary background, and her works are often inspired by the techniques and traditions observed on her travels. Through research, modelling and testing, she strives to create simple, subtle forms and sustainable objects that last.