Peel’s folded porcelain project is an exploration in materiality and geometry. Like much of her work, it makes use of the effect of light, shadow and reflection, the interplay of form and surface, and the inherent aesthetic and textural qualities of the material. To create such a large and intricate piece, Peel uses tessellating, three-dimensional pieces of folded porcelain that lock into one another to create an infinitely repeatable pattern.

Holding a master’s degree from Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Christina Peel is a Norwegian artist who typically works with wall installations in clay. She has exhibited widely, both inside and outside Norway, and was awarded a Silver prize  at the International Contemporary Craft Biennale in Nantong, China in 2014. The following year, she was among the Norwegian artists participating in the Biennale de la Céramique 2015 at the Exposition de Céramique Contemporaine in Belgium. Her upcoming solo shows include Zhen Porcelain in Hong Kong, NoPlace in Oslo and KRAFT in Bergen.