Steinlav is a series of hand-thrown stoneware glazed with three or four layers to create a surface resembling lichens (steinlav in Norwegian),  commonly found on rocks and trees. The plates can be positioned so that they overlap, creating the impression of a highland landscape.

Anette Krogstad

Born in Fredrikstad and now based in Oslo, interdisciplinary artist Anette Krogstad holds a bachelor’s degree in product design and a master’s in ceramics. She works at the intersection of art, design and craft, and her projects are often inspired by food and our relationships with and around it. Her tableware has been commissioned by a number of restaurants
– including Pjoltergeist, Lysverket and the Michelin- starred Ylajali – and she has been involved in both the ceramics and concept development behind pop-up events including Restaurant Day, Ete Supper Club and Lysverket Friends.