Borgersrud’s Shake series comprises a salt, pepper and sugar shaker designed to resemble pebbles or meditation stones. With surfaces built from layers of soft colour and varying texture,  and scratched with lines that invite tactility, the objects are designed to nurture a sense of  meditative calm when held.

Ceramicist Anja Borgersrud trained as a product designer and potter in Oslo and Paris, completing her bachelor’s degree in 2005. After three and a half years pursuing an apprenticeship, Anja was awarded a Journeyman’s Licence in pottery. Between 2009 and 2014, she was a member of the Embla Keramikk pottery co-operative, and is now part of the KunSkansen artist group. Her studio, Anbo Design, has operated since 2004 and her pieces have been showcased and sold at galleries and design stores across Norway.