Norwegian Materials

Solem’s textile project takes the idea of ‘traces’ as its starting point, using ancient, naturally occurring Norwegian materials and digitally transforming them into new patterns. Solem’s first textile designs are inspired by Norwegian Larvikite (supplied by Lundhs) – particularly its formation millions of years ago from the melting and mingling of different minerals miles below the surface, and the way that its monochrome appearance from a distance reveals more complex colour tones close up

Martin Solem

Born in Arendal, but drawn to Copenhagen by a love of classic Danish design, Martin Solem began his career in furniture design as an intern for Rud Rasmussen, one of Denmark’s oldest surviving cabinetmakers. Solem undertook an MA at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2007. Since 2011, he has worked as a full-time designer at HAY Studio in Copenhagen, while pursuing solo projects and collaborations with international brands such as Cappellini and Bernhardt Design. Solem has exhibited widely (appearing with Norway in Milan every year since 2015), and he received the Young Talent Award from the Norwegian Design Council in 2015.