Loen, Gauge

Inspired by a trip to Stryn in western Norway, Loen is a series of sculptures intended to reflect the power and brutality of the forces exerted by nature. Kneip is showing one piece from the series; a weathered, organic shape that has had its natural colouring turned matt black in order to recontextualise it and create the possibility of new associations. 

Gauge is a flexible steel work lamp initially created as a tool to assist with another studio project. Kneip were working with optics and needed an adjustable light source that could be positioned arund the work area as required, so they created Gauge using blued steel to protect against rust and a LED light source to ensure energy efficiency. It is available in both floor and tabletop versions.

Founded by Jørgen Platou Willumsen and Stian Korntved Ruud, Kneip is a craft, art and design studio in Oslo with interests in nature, crafts-manship and materiality. Willumsen holds a BA in product design and an MA in art; Rudd studied product design at Akershus University College and the Oslo School of Architecture and Design and trained under Tom Dixon in London. 

Together, they challenge each other to create unique works that help them acquire new skills and develop Kneip’s versatility as a studio. Over the past year, Kneip has participated in exhibitions in Milan, London, Berlin, Vienna, New York & Paris.