En Glömd Värld, Lämning

Irving-Li presents a selection of pieces from two of his recent sculpture series. Cast from metals such as bronze and copper, En Glömd Värld is a collection of intricate structural studies, whereas Lämning is a series of symmetrical coral-like orna-mental objects that incorporate negative space into their aesthetic effect.

Born in Sweden and now based in Oslo, Aron  Irving-Li is an artist whose practice mainly comprises small sculptures and jewellery. Having trained as a silversmith at Sweden’s Leksands Folkhögskola, he moved on to Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2015 to complete his master’s degree. His work has been exhibited at various galleries across Scandinavia, including Galleri Format,  Oslo, Arvika Konsthall, Brudd Kunsthåndverk  and Kirkeristen Galleri, and a number of his  pieces have been acquired for the collections  of the Nordenfjeldske museum of decorative  arts in Trondheim. He is currently working on an exhibition for KRAFT, Bergen.