Changing Perspective

The Changing Perspective series comprises several objects in copper and wood, inspired by vessels from everyday life. Housed in a steel structure that gives each piece its own private space, while bringing them together as a group, the sculpture explores how the objects relate to each other, the viewer and the room around them. 

Elin Hedberg completed her MFA studies at Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2015, after studying metal design and craft at  Nyckelviksskolan in Stockholm as well as metal design and silversmithing at Leksands Folkhögskola Sweden. She received the student prize from the Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts in 2015 and has been exhibiting in Norway and abroad since 2008. Hedberg mainly works in metalsmithing,  casting, wood sculpture and installation to create pieces that change the way we look  at familiar and objects and situations, altering perceptions by playing with textures, sizes and shapes.