Neither a sofa nor an armchair, Between is a proto- type seat that invites different ways of sitting, either alone or with others. The seat, back and armrest are upholstered in Norwegian wool (the textiles can be altered to make new colour combin- ations) and are designed in different shapes to create structural contrasts. Between is designed for both the contract and home market, and can easily be developed into a series of seating for  one, two or more people.

Sara Polmar

Sara Wright Polmar is an Oslo-based designer with a degree in interior architecture and furniture design from Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Together with her fellow student Victoria Günzler, she established the studio günzler.polmar after graduating in 2011. With Sverre Uhnger, they also established Klubben – the international Norwegian design network devoted to promoting Norway’s new design generation and fostering collaboration – the same year. Alongside working with Günzler, Sara pursues individual projects, within the field of product and furniture design, and acts as a project coordinator for design fairs and exhibitions.