Biri straw wallpaper is a natural, environmentally-friendly product that gives a special kind of warmth and atmosphere to a room. The straw subtly changes colour in relation to light. The wallpaper is made with a combination of straw and variously coloured thread, the shades of which can be combined to suit the customer’s needs. The straw used in the production of the wallpapers is grown at Semb Farm, and only the best strands of straw are used. Production is mainly done by hand to ensure top quality on all levels.

Weaving and a range of other traditional crafts have always been practiced at the Semb family farm. Located near Biri, a small village just south of Lillehammer, the farm dates as far back as 1355. When Klare Schee decided to try to use straw in her tapestries in 1938, she was just taking the tradition of her ancestors a step further. The first straw wall covering was used in the farm’s dining room. Mrs. Schee invited friends to come see her handiwork. Two who saw it were the well-known architects Arnstein Arneberg and Magnus Paulsson. They were so excited about the straw wall covering that they decided to use it for a project in Oslo City Hall. Thus began the story of Biri Tapet.